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Here's a list of example tickets you might experience when providing Linux support for development:

Example 1: Environment Setup

Title: Difficulty Setting Up a Docker Environment on Ubuntu 20.04

Description: I'm trying to set up Docker on my Ubuntu 20.04 machine for a web development project, but I need help with permission-denied errors when trying to run Docker commands. I suspect it might be related to user group permissions.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Install Docker.
  • Run `docker run hello-world`.

Expected Result: Docker should execute the command and display the "Hello from Docker!" message.

Actual Result: Permission denied error.

Example 2: Package Dependency Issue

Title: Dependency Conflicts When Installing Python Libraries

Description: I'm using Python 3.8 on Fedora and am trying to install both `tensorflow` and `pandas`. However, they have conflicting dependencies, which is causing errors.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • pip install tensorflow
  • pip install pandas

Expected Result: Both libraries were installed successfully.

Actual Result: Error related to a specific version of the `numpy` library.

Example 3: System Configuration

Title: Nginx Configuration for Load Balancing Not Working

Description: I've set up an Nginx configuration for load balancing across 3 app servers, but the traffic isn't being distributed evenly. My config might be incorrect.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Set up Nginx with the provided configuration.
  • Send requests to the server.

Expected Result: Requests should be balanced across all three servers.

Actual Result: All requests are going only to one server.

Example 5: Development Tool Issue

Title: Git Merge Conflict Resolution in Bash Terminal

Description: I've encountered a merge conflict in my Git project. I need to familiarize myself with resolving disputes directly in the Bash terminal. Need assistance.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Pull recent changes from the main branch.
  • Attempt to merge with the local branch.

Expected Result: Smooth merge without conflicts.

Actual Result: Merge conflict with specific files highlighted.

Here's a list of some typical Linux-related problems users might undergo:

Installation Issues:

  • Bootloader Problems: The Grub bootloader might not install correctly, leading to boot issues.
  • Unsupported Hardware: Newer hardware might only have immediate support in some Linux distributions.
  • Disk Partitioning: Mistakes during partitioning can lead to data loss or dual-boot problems.

Driver Issues:

  • Graphics Drivers: Some graphics cards, especially newer ones, may need to be supported or require proprietary drivers.
  • Wireless Card Drivers: Wi-Fi is not working due to missing or incompatible drivers.
  • Peripheral Compatibility: Devices like printers or scanners might not work without driver support.

Package Management:

  • Dependency Hell: Conflicting software dependencies can prevent software from being installed or running.
  • Broken Repositories: Sometimes, repositories can be down or the URLs can be outdated, causing software installation/update issues.
  • Incompatible Libraries: Installing newer versions of libraries can sometimes break older applications.

File System and Permissions:

  • File Permission Issues: Incorrect permissions can prevent users from accessing files or directories.
  • Lost Data: Accidentally deleted files or formatted partitions can lead to data loss.
  • Corrupted Filesystem: Improper shutdowns or hardware issues can corrupt the file system.


  • No Internet Connection: Due to driver issues, misconfigurations, or hardware faults.
  • SSH Failures: Difficulty in setting up or accessing systems via SSH.
  • Firewall Configurations: Misconfigured firewall rules can block essential services.


  • User Account Issues: Forgetting the root password or getting locked out of an account.
  • Failed Updates: Sometimes, system updates can fail halfway, leaving the system vulnerable.
  • Malware and Threats: Though rarer than other OSes, Linux can still be vulnerable to specific threats, especially if services are exposed to the internet.


  • High Memory or CPU Usage: Some processes or applications can hog system resources.
  • Slow Boot Times: Due to misconfigurations or issues with the bootloader.
  • Disk Usage: Uncontrolled log files or cache can consume disk space, leading to performance problems.

Software Compatibility:

  • Running Windows Applications: Issues with Wine or other solutions when trying to run non-native apps.
  • Outdated Software: Some repositories might not have the latest software versions.

Kernel Issues:

  • Kernel Panics: The equivalent of the "Blue Screen" in Windows, though rarer.
  • Module Loading: Problems with loading or unloading kernel modules.

Pay As You Go:

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Hourly Consultation:

For complex or long-term projects, an hourly consultation can be beneficial.

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Emergency Support:

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Retainer Packages:

For businesses or individuals requiring regular assistance:

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Ongoing development needs and fluctuating usage


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CI/CD, Configuration Management, Scripting, and Coding


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Customized server support to help you achieve your business goals.


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Email, phone & Service request


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Plans built for your needs

Best For:

Customized server support to help you achieve your business goals.


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